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The Artist – Grand Hotel of Art is committed to create an Equality Program, as per the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica) 3/2007, March 22nd, with the obligation to respect the equality of gender and job opportunities.

We promote equality in terms of salary and promotions and have implemented plans to guarantee the work-life balance. We have a program to prevent and intervene in case of harassment, to avoid any kind of discrimination, and we train our staff on this subject.

We have developed inclusive job policies. We are LGBTQ+ friendly, committed to their rights. This diversity is included in our business strategy, where we recognize trans people in our Equality Program, according to the Act of the Basque Government 234 / 2015.

We adhere to the behaviour Principles and Rules of the United Nations addressed to those companies who fight discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. We are committed to respect and ensure their rights, avoiding trips to countries where LGBTQ+ diversity is not secured.

Our Equality Program is not only a legal obligation, but also an effective strategy to attract clients and employees who appreciate an inclusive and respectful professional culture. By creating policies and practices that promote equality, we ensure a more positive work environment, ensuring collaboration, respect, and creativity.



At The Artist – Grand Hotel of Art we are committed to sustainability, and we promote it from diverse areas:

  • We reduce the use of water, thanks to towel reuse and the “Waterlogic” water system. We have implemented water minimization programmes, with the aim of reducing consumption and waste, as well as to reduce the amount of pollution in the water.
  • We buy KM Zero products and patronize local and sustainable producers, which are the 40% of our local sellers.
  • We take part in projects, such as “Towards a sustainable Gastronomy in alliance with its value chain” by Proyectos Kuna, addressed to find solutions to the challenges included in the Basque Country’s 2030 Agenda.
  • We have a policy to reduce waste and we participate in the “Zero Waste & Zero Plastic” initiative. In addition, we take part in recycling projects, together with the “Quality of Life and Sustainability area of the Bilbao City Council”, addressed to the selective collection of non-domestic waste, and we are members of the organic collection system.
  • We promote social sustainability policies and assist the mobility of our employees to the workplace, in order to reduce emissions.
  • We take part in projects with, and make donations to, different associations and foundations.
  • We efficiently optimize our air conditioning and we are implementing a system to develop a sustainable energy policy.
  • Electric vehicle chargers are at clients’ disposal (Tesla and Porsche).

At The Artist – Grand Hotel of Art we believe we can contribute to a better world all together, and we will keep working to make it possible.